A frank and deep conversation about all things screens and tech

Learn from Dr. Devorah Heitner (author of "Screenwise" and the forthcoming "Growing Up in Public") and Tilt Parenting founder Debbie Reber as they share best strategies and insights on the complicated issues surrounding neurodivergent kids’ use of tech, and answer questions from parents. (Ideal for parents with kids ages 7 and up.)

The Big Tech Reset

For parents and caregivers in the deep end trying to figure out a path for navigating their kid’s screen and tech use in a way that feels better than what’s happening right now:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your kids’ obsession with things like Discord and social media

  • Concerned about the impact of your kids’ screen life on their sleep and distractibility

  • Worried about your child’s deep interest in online gaming

  • Your kids’ tech is leading to social issues and conflict that is adding to their stress

  • It's hard for your kid to transition away from tech, and screens a big source of conflict in your home

  • You're concerned about your kids’ access to inappropriate content online


Dr. Devorah Heitner

Dr. Devorah Heitner is the author of "Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World" and her book on navigating Privacy and Reputation with kids and teens, "Growing Up in Public" will be out in 2023 with Penguin Random House. Dr. Heitner’s work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN Opinion. She has a Ph.D. in Media/Technology & Society from Northwestern University and has taught at DePaul and Northwestern. She is delighted to be raising her own teenager and she lives with her family in Chicagoland.

Debbie Reber

Debbie Reber, MA, is a parenting activist, bestselling author, podcast host, speaker, the founder and CEO of Tilt Parenting, and the creator of the Differently Wired Club. The Tilt Parenting Podcast is the top-performing podcast for parents, caregivers, educators and professions raising and supporting neurodivergent children with more than 5 million downloads. A certified Positive Discipline trainer and a regular contributor to ADDitude Magazine, Debbie’s most recent book is "Differently Wired: A Parent’s Guide to Raising an Atypical Child with Confidence and Hope."

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A unique Masterclass on kids + neurodivergence + screens

If you're looking for guidance on how to deal with your child's complex relationship with screens and technology, this is for you!